VirtuaVent was born out of my own frustration with trying to find a solution to deliver a content-rich, engaging virtual conference for my company, sponsors and attendees. But rather than focusing my time on content — my time was spent on researching event platform after event platform... and still coming up short.

So I made a promise to develop a virtual event management platform that delivers without all the hassle, pure and simple. Using my software development skills and knowledge of the industry, I engaged with real professionals in event management, marketing, and actual conference speakers to help design and build a system made by the people who actually use it.

Now, instead of trying to figure out how much it's going to cost, or what it can do, you can spend your time on the content and partnerships that make an event successful. Everything we offer is included in a simple upfront pricing model. No hidden fees. Simple, plannable, budget friendly. All of our features are clearly laid out and documented in a way that is easy to understand, even for those new to hosting events.

VirtuaVent was specially designed to be self-service and easy to use. It's free-to-play until you're ready to publish your event. Build out your event and see what it will look like for before you pay us a dime. Compare us to our competitors, we don't mind.

We also give back to the community and a portion of what you pay is donated to You can feel good that both your event is in good hands and that you're supporting the education of people, caring for animals, and advocating for species.

When we created VirtuaVent we made our mission to deliver an easy-to-use, feature-rich virtual event hosting platform that you can trust, underscored by our promise to:

Be Affordable

We offer our full (powerful) package at one straight-forward affordable price: Take advantage of any and all features within one set fee.

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Be Flexible

We deliver a platform that is easy to use, configurable, self-service, and respects the time, effort, and needs of each event stakeholder.

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Be Secure

We follow industry standards, and while we do utilize basic analytics (Google), we never sell or share your data with any third parties for profit.

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Download Marketing and Compare (PDF) Download Full Feature List (PDF)

Beyond our pricing model, we've been in your shoes trying to find the ideal solution. We know every event is unique so we challenged ourselves to deliver the flexibility you need for each event through:

Customizable Rooms

We provide highly configurable spaces that you control who can see and make edits. This is great if you need a place to show off a speaker or sponsor, have files you need to make available to your executives / sales team, or create a VIP experience. Delegate editing powers to anyone!

Tagging & More

Tags allow you to group and highlight just about anything, but we go further! Tags can let you easily grant access to VIP areas, hidden rooms and more. Create tickets that automatically assign tags on purchase!

45+ Color Themes

Our platform lets you choose from over 45+ combinations of color themes that are all designed to work together empowering you to find the perfect fit for almost any event theme. Your event can have a consistent look both internally and externally.


The shift to online events has shown a concerning increase in situations of harassment. Have peace of mind that we have built in tools to help keep attendees feeling safe, and allow you to manage any issues behind the scenes without disrupting the event.
Download Marketing and Compare (PDF) Download Full Feature List (PDF)

Once price for everyone. You don't pay until you publish.


$10 / Day
  • plus 5% of any Transactions
  • (* Tickets not required)
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(* Revenue paid out 5-10 business days after the event ends)

Core Capabilities

  • Event Space
  • Public Website
  • Agenda / Session Builder
  • Registration / Ticketing / Payouts
  • Modern Networking Tools
  • Branding Control
  • Advertising / Promotions
  • Analytics


  • Choose from 45+ color themes
  • Assignable Roles & Permissions
  • Customizable Rooms for any purpose
  • Tags / Categories
  • Session Tracks (for Sessions)
  • Upload & Share Files
  • * Import / Export Content


  • Helpful Documentation
  • Missing Content Suggestions
  • Attendee Safety Tools
  • Free Email Support
  • Live Chat
  • Scheduled Reminders & Alerts
  • Gamification
  • Polls
  • Fundraising
  • Online Store
* Importing is currently being rolled out and may not be available for all content yet.

We could spout a lot of buzzwords that describe an industry standard or practice we claim to follow, but how do you know if we are truly hardened against modern threats?

We Test

Not just once, but every single day as well as each time we add a feature or patch. Every single time we change something.

We use Professionals

Using industry services who specialize — in security they constantly poke and prod at our infrastructure and let us know about any concerns.

We Layer

At each layer of our technology stack we have security in place that prevents further access should one layer fail.

We Monitor

Watching for unusual behavior and being aware of security trends helps keeps your event safe and hardens our platform.

Still have questions? Send us a message. Our support will answer any questions you have!

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